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Fanfiction #111 - Elements

 photo Elements_zps26e472eb.png

Title: Elements
Rating/warnings: PG-13, supernatural themes
Genre: action/adventure, angst, dark, supernatural
Character/s: Claire, Charlie, Aaron, Desmond
Spoilers: up to and including the end of season three with predictions for season four
Summary: When the rescue from the radio tower suddenly becomes a scene of carnage instead, Claire flees with Aaron and begins to head back to the beach camp. With no clear idea of where she’s going and no protection except for her own wits, Claire has to draw on all her strength in order to make it back alive.
Original Post Date: 07/09/2007
fanfiction.net Post: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4106485/1/
Disclaimer: don’t the franchise or any rights to it, just borrowing for my own sadistic purposes. Lyrics in the cut are from "Listen To The Rain" by Evanescence

( Please don't let go - can't we stay for a while? It's just too hard to say goodbye. )
Tags: aaron littleton, action/adventure, angst, charlie pace, charlie/claire, claire littleton, darkfic, dbah!charlie, desmond hume, season four, supernatural
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