Ellin (sapphire_child) wrote in faithandtrust,

Fanfiction #115 - Somewhere Between The Shades of Grey...

Title: Somewhere Between the Shades of Grey...
Rating/warnings: PG
Genre: angst, darkfic
Character/s: Charlie
Spoilers: general, non specific spoilers, mostly from season one
Summary: He’d like to tell you that he’s not a sinner – but that would be a lie. Won third place in lostfichallenge #57: the seven deadly sins.
Original Post Date: 08/10/2007
fanfiction.net Post: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4124813/1/
Disclaimer: Charlie isn’t mine – but that’s certainly never stopped me from writing fanfiction about him. Text in the cut is taken from a Charlie icon I saw once – I don’t know if it’s from a song or what, I just liked it and memorised it.

( When they said repent I wonder what they meant? )
Tags: angst, charlie pace, darkfic, fic challenge, lostfichallenge
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