Ellin (sapphire_child) wrote in faithandtrust,

Fanfiction #121 - Better Days

Title: Better Days
Rating/warnings: PG
Genre: angst, gen, Christmas fic
Character/s: Charlie, Kate
Spoilers: goes AU from Greatest Hits
Summary: It’s Christmas Eve 2004. In an AU world where Charlie survived the Looking Glass, he tells Kate what he wants for Christmas. Entered in the charlielives community for fanfiction challenge #1: Charlie’s first Christmas on the Island and came third in lostfichallenge #62: happy holidays.
Original Post Date: 03/12/2007
fanfiction.net Post: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4124820/1/
Disclaimer: Lost and the Goo Goo Dolls do not belong to me.

( I’d like to know that maybe, someday soon, we’ll find better days. That we’ll be able to laugh again and not worry about what bad thing is going to happen next. )
Tags: angst, charlie pace, charlie/claire, charlielives challenge, fic challenge, friendship, gen, kate austen, lostfichallenge
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