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Fanfiction #132 - In The Darkness Between Twilight and Dawn (Let Me Love You)

Title: In The Darkness Between Twilight and Dawn (Let Me Love You)
Rating/warnings: NC-17
Genre: smut, romance, flangst
Character/s: Charlie, Claire
Spoilers: set just before Greatest Hits
Summary: Her heart will go on beating long after his has been stilled forever. He thinks that he’s finally accepted that now. It doesn’t make it any less lonely but at least he knows that one day after he’s gone she’ll stop missing him and she’ll be able to live again. Set the night after the events in “Alibi’s and Stealing Time”. Claire reciprocates Charlie’s earlier favour. Written for charlielives challenge #3: loved up
Original Post Date: 31/01/2008
Disclaimer: Not mine. Never has been and never will be (sadly).
Dedication: to my fellow writer pacejunkie who requested a sequel! I hope it’s sufficiently sexy for you m’dear =P

( She cares for him, he truly believes that. But does she love him the way he does her? Not a chance. When he leaves this life behind, whether it’s tomorrow or next week or next year he knows that she’ll grieve but all too soon she’ll move on. She has the potential to fall in love again, to enjoy her life even after he’s gone. Or at least...he thinks she does. )
Tags: angst, charlie pace, charlie/claire, charlielives challenge, claire littleton, fic challenge, flangst, fluff, romance, season three, smut
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