Ellin (sapphire_child) wrote in faithandtrust,

Fanfiction #140 - First Impressions

Title: First Impressions
Rating/warnings: PG
Genre: action/adventure, friendship
Character/s: Jack, Kate, Charlie
Spoilers: none
Summary: Set during Pilot Part II, the original A-team head back to camp with the transceiver and muse on their new counterparts. Written for and won third place at charliepacefic challenge #1: the original A-team. Won best gen fic (tie) for March at lost_fic_awards
Original Post Date: 09/03/2008
Disclaimer: I don’t deign to own Jack or Kate but I certainly think I can lay some claim to Charlie after all these years of ficcing him =P

( There’s something desperate in both of his companion’s eyes that Jack finds more than a little unsettling. )
Tags: action/adventure, charlie pace, charliepacefic challenge, fic challenge, friendship, jack shepherd, kate austen
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